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Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej

w Katowicach

Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Katowice (KIK)

Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Katowice (KIK)


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Club of Catholic Intelligentsia (KIK) in Katowice was founded in 1980. Communist violence refused to register the club in 1956. The Club is a registered association with various sections in the Silesian Voivodeship.

Club is a organization of Catholics who, in accordance with their worldview based on the teaching of the Catholic Church, aim at:
1) activities for shaping the human personality and upbringing of a man, aware of his patriotic, personal and social duties,
2) cultural activities, educational and exemplary and charitable - with particular emphasis on the thousand-year Christian culture of Poland and the regional culture of Silesia,
3) taking measures to prevent the phenomena of social pathology,
4) expressing opinions and making demands on matters related to moral, cultural, social, economic and political.

2. To achieve statutory goals, the Club aims in particular through:
1) study, education and upbringing,
2) activities in the field of popularizing culture and art,
3) maintaining national and regional tradition and developing civic and cultural awareness, with particular emphasis on national heritage,
4) disseminating sightseeing, organizing pilgrimages and organizing recreation for children and youth,
5) ecology activities and protection of natural heritage,
6) activities supporting the development of local communities,
7) providing social assistance, including assistance to families and individuals, in particular members of the Club, in a difficult life situation and equal opportunities for those families and people,
8) charity for disabled people,
9) protection and health promotion,
10) promotion of employment and activation of people who are unemployed,
11) counteracting social pathologies,
12) cooperation with local government units and non-government organizations in the country and abroad,
13) foundations and awards, distinctions, scholarships, diplomas and club badges,
14) promoting and organizing volunteering,
15) promoting and protecting freedom and human rights,
16) actions for European integration.

Anyone who wants to realize the goals of the statutes can become a member.

Club of Catholic Intelligentsia is a member of the Association of Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Poland. Our members meet every first Friday of the month to attend Holy Mass in the Cathedral Crypt. Traditionally held in October the "Days of Christian Culture", whose organizer or co-organizer is the KIK.

Members of the KIK participate in the meeting organized by Pax Romana. KIK has initiated many public and social ventures.

The various forms of activity offer the members a chance to realize their intellectual and spiritual concerns.

KIK has branches in Bytom, Gliwice, Katowice, Łaziska Górne, Siemianowice and Zabrze.

The sections on various topics are:
Bible and religious studies
Science and faith.

Presidents of the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Katowice:
Professor Henryk Mikołaj Górecki (1980-1984), Dr. Henryk Dutkiewicz (1984-1989), M.Sc. Józef Buszman (1989- 1991), Dr. Witold Mrukwa (1991-1993), Dr. Antoni Winiarski (1993-2012), M.Sc. Andrzej Dawidowski (2012- ).

Chaplains of the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Katowice:
Fr. Oskar Thomas (1980-1984), Fr. Dr. Stanisław Bista (1984-1985), Fr. Dr hab. Józef Kozyra (1986- ).

President: Andrzej Dawidowski, tel. +48 502 581839. E-mail: Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript.

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